Upload Your Business in YouTube

Commercials, billboards, and radio broadcasts – step down! There’s a new advertising platform in town, and his name is YouTube!

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a web-based social media platform that allows users to upload videos. Created by Chad Hurley, Steven Chen, and Jawed Karim on 2005, this website started as a small video-hosting site for amateur videos and pirated television shows. Now, it is the most popular video-hosting site in the world. It has more than a billion users, 4 billion hours’ worth of time usage, and 72 hours’ worth of videos uploaded every minute. It has also become the second-most used search engine in the world after Google.

Source: youtube.com

YouTube’s popularity lies in the simplicity of managing accounts and sharing of videos. Watching videos in YouTube can be done anonymously (unless the video is rated R18). Moreover, accounts are only needed when users are interested in uploading videos. It only takes minutes to set up a YouTube account. Regardless, it features the ability to customize video channel to the user’s preference.


Ever since YouTube was bought by Google, users can now create accounts through Google Plus, making it easier to manage.  Videos of any topic uploaded in YouTube can be easily shared through outside social media platforms, emails, and websites. Unlike other video-hosting sites, YouTube’s search engine is calibrated in such a way that it analyzes the user’s watched videos. Then, it makes use of that information to find a similar video to post under its ‘Suggested Videos’ list. This makes YouTube a favorable video-hosting site for those wanting their videos to be made accessible to a wide number of audience.


Why is YouTube Good for Business?

Source: martinprint.com.au

With more than a billion users and 4 billion hours of time spent in YouTube, it is the perfect social media marketing platform for aspiring businesses. First, it lets viewers see the product in action. Product showcases in forms of videos can reach hundreds and thousands of people with just one click.


YouTube also lets businesses to analyze the type of audience their product videos are being exposed to. Second, YouTube allows companies to engage with its customers. Through video comments, companies can reply to the inquiries and help solve problems of their potential customers. This allows companies to demonstrate their expertise in the field, which builds its brand personality and credibility.  Companies can also build communities of people interested in them by the followers they can gain from subscriptions.

Source: adweek.com

Lastly, YouTube allows easy promotion of the company’s events. This can be done by sharing highlights of the event through YouTube. With this method, you can entice your potential customers without getting tangled through the webs of copyright claims.


Social media marketing through platforms such as YouTube is dominating the marketing field. Compared to putting-up billboards, commercials, and radio broadcasts to advertise businesses, advertising through social media is easy and affordable. Even more, they are usually free! Creating videos for your business or product isn’t even rocket science. With the right enthusiasm and a phone with great specs, you’re good to go.


So, if you’re interested to reach a large pool of potential customers without costing a fortune, YouTube is the one for you!