Top Mental Health Apps Today

In line with our fast paced lives today, there is an increasing prevalence of mental health conditions as well. Seeking consultations and scheduling therapy appointments is quite of a hassle and that is where the advancement of technology comes in. Some may say that technology has negative impacts on our health but it also has positive ones that make our life easier.

One of these is the invention of apps or applications. In our time today apps are not just solely used for leisure like games, they are now also being developed specifically to help people with mental health conditions. The mental health apps are very accessible to everyone who has a smartphone and the internet. Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days right?! Almost everyone has one, especially the teenagers and young adults since it is our way communication.

These mental health apps were designed to help people with mental health conditions. Some people do not have the luxury of time to personally go to a clinic or maybe some are just not yet ready for a face to face session with a stranger or therapist.

Nonetheless, these are made to help and are more efficient if used together with the right medications and treatments 24/7. Check the following free apps today!


Anxiety Coach

This app helps you assess and manage your level of anxiety; teaches you to overcome your phobias and tracks your progress


It is in the name already, it teaches you how to become optimistic in life. It monitors your mood and your overall awareness of your mental condition. Being positive in life has a great impact on different mental health conditions

Live OCD Free

For people who want to know if they have obsessive compulsive disorder.

Mood Kit

Tracks your mood and it has activities to lift your spirit

Let’s people suffering from schizophrenia recover and get peer support as well as encourage them not to isolate themselves


GPS for the Soul

An app that helps you improve your body and mind by reducing your stress level. It has some activities to help you de-stress and relax


For people suffering from attention deficit disorder, this app can help you learn how to focus and remove any distractions

Recovery Period

Is an app designed for people with eating disorders. It helps you track your food intake and feelings associated with those meals. It also connects you with your medical or recovery team.



An app that is designed to teach you breathing techniques to reduce your stress and anxiety. It has demo videos, reading materials, and it can track your progress as well.

CPT Coach

This is an app for people with PTSD who are already receiving CPT. It has reminders, scheduling appointments, home works and additional education about PTSD.


This app is for everyone who wants to learn meditation. Meditation which is known to reduce stress and anxiety. It teaches skills in breathing and relaxation.

These are just some of the best apps for mental health today. Most of the apps listed here are free. Go check them out!