Social Media Hacks: Living Through Your Depression 

Nowadays, people cannot deny their addiction to social media – people now have the need always to update their social media accounts and be updated by their friends’ posts. People often share their daily activities on various social media sites, from their morning coffees to midnight runs to lavish vacations.



However, the life we portray in social media may be not our real life. We share what we like to be perceived of us. Social media either have positive or negative effects on the mental wellbeing of the person using it.


Depression And Social Media

Incorrect usage of social media may have an adverse effect on the mental health of a person. According to a study, social media is linked to low self-esteem, jealousy, depression, and even suicide. Moreover, the research revealed more people view their social media experience as a negative one.


Many young people notice social media’s adverse effects rather than its positive ones. The longer time they spend on social media, the lower they view their lives positively, and they will experience less satisfaction in their everyday lives. Over time, this may result in depression or anxiety.




Without even realizing it, we may have been negatively affected by social media. After hours of scrolling, clicking, and swiping on different social media sites, it may leave us feeling restless and without much sleep.


Receiving negative comments or just a few likes in our posts on social media sites can make us feel unhappy. We also have the tendency to compare our lives with those curated Instagram feeds or Facebook posts, giving us a sense of insecurity, which is not helping our self-esteem.


Social Media Hacks For A Positive Outlook

Whether you would support it or not, social media is here to stay. However, we can control how we use it. We should learn to have a stronger will to fight social media depressants. Below are some social media hacks to help you fight through your depression.


  • Lessen Time Spent

With our smartphones, social media is so easy to access. With just a simple click and scroll on our phone screens, we can see the posts updates from our online friends. We tend to fall into a repetitive cycle where we continuously scroll and refresh our social media accounts to see more posts.


With this, we should learn how to use social media moderately. Limit your social media usage every day even for 2 hours. We can also start by turning off unnecessary communications and notifications from social media sites. Just think of how productive you can be when you turn away from social media even just for a little while.


  • Filter Your Feed

Our social media accounts such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram seem to have an endless feed. We see lots of posts shared by online friends, and we click aesthetically pleasing posts by people we follow but don’t personally know – negative feelings towards social media usually stem from comparing your posts to the posts of other people. Keep in mind people typically have a different online personality than their real lives. They could just be portraying a role.




With just one click, it is easy for us to filter our feed. We can prevent negative posts or any post we don’t want to see from appearing in our feeds. We can also block people who are giving us a hard time in social media.


  • Connect Online With Mental Health Resources

Instead of harboring negative feelings, we can use social media to our advantage instead. It is a helpful tool for expanding our networks. We can use it to search for mental support groups we could be interested in. We can also use it to connect with mental health resources. Anonymity and confidentiality are two advantages social media can provide us when seeking sensitive mental health issues.



Instead of stalking other people’s social media lives, we should be more concerned about our personal lives. Yes, social media is now a part of our lives, but it is not the main priority. Do not be swayed by other people’s postings about how beautiful their lives are. Focus on yourself and how you can get better.