Maximizing Modern Technology: How To Strengthen Family Bonds Through Social Media & The Internet

Every day, many technologies emerge in the fields of information technology and multimedia communication, which lead to the improvement of different human relationships, especially in the family.

Given the different family settings and situations of people all over the world, it’s just right to know some tips and life hacks on how we can utilize these discoveries to strengthen our communication with each other and make the web a safe space for personal and even long-distance interactions.

The Role Of The Internet


We may not immediately notice it, but the Internet has an incredibly relevant impact and influence on every user. It has been the source of many triumphs and victories, but it has also been a source of insecurity and mental illnesses. Thus, responsible Internet usage is a critical topic to be aware of especially in this time and age.

Many social and professional institutions have raised responsible Internet usage as an important issue. The need for the said topic has risen due to the many mental health illnesses and ethical issues that have direct and indirect connections to it. Internet usage has a lot of benefits for us humans. It has been a revolutionary tool in making tasks more manageable, connecting people around the world, and sharing opinions and ideas on a global platform. However, just like in anything else, it must have limitations. Unregulated use of the Internet can lead to discrimination, disrespect, hatred, and so many more chaotic things if we are not cautious enough.

Fortunately, there is a silver lining. Given the many wonders the Internet has for us, it can be transformed and used in a way that promotes healthy and harmonious relationships for families, friends, and even strangers. The Internet, through social media, has been a helpful tool in bridging gaps for families far from each other, families with disabled members, and families who want to enjoy their time together.

Web Gems To Look Out For

Sharing information and communication have primarily been made easier by the Internet through different social media applications. The range of applications to choose from is massive! You can choose from different family applications that involve chatting, photography and camera apps, family-friendly games, movie-watching options, and even those that can help you plan out your next family trip!

It’s a big world to explore, but to help you with it, we’ve named a few of the best ways for you to utilize social media and the web to help you and your family have a bond like no other:

  1. Communication


Communication is a must for every family. With this, it’s essential to have tech-savvy apps which can make family interactions more enjoyable and more personalized! We have many popular communication apps online such as Messenger, Viber, LINE, Telegram, and many more! The fun thing about these apps is that it comes along with stickers and different features which can make reaching out to each other more accessible and more convenient!

However, if you want to take your family interactions to the next level, we highly recommend that you try out apps which has more family-centric features. These apps include the following:

  • Skype which allows you to video chat with up to 25 people
  • Famy which is not only a family group chat app but also a tracking device to monitor your children’s location while chatting
  • FamilyChat which allows you to track your children’s online conversations to avoid bullying, discrimination, and all forms of isolation to ensure your kids’ safety

Cool, right? 

  1. Games

If you don’t have the needed resources to set up your games, why not download family-friendly game apps which can make your weekends more interactive? There are many family games which are made to involve a large group of people. These games can be played using only one device to facilitate the game. These top games include Heads Up! which is kind of like taboo with different themes to choose from, Dance Party which is comparable to Just Dance, and Stop! which is a fun game to test one’s knowledge.

  1. Camera Apps

Pictures and videos are typical ways to capture family memories. We now have more creative ways to look back at them thanks to the Internet! With apps like Boomerang and DubSmash, your family can now bring out the creativity in you and make viral videos!

  1. Movies


Instead of going out to the cinemas, why not do it at home? Another family activity which you can do in the comfort of your own houses is a family movie night! With apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Popcorn Flix, you can choose from the different movie genres for you and your family to binge-watch together!

  1. Family Trips

If your family is planning a trip soon, there are several adventure apps which can help you book your lodging, itinerary, and even your ticket! Make your family trip more personalized by trying out apps like Airbnb, TripIt, Google Trips, and Roadtrippers! It’s going to assist you in making your family bond even stronger!

Wonderful, right? We have so many virtual platforms for us to strengthen our relationships. It’s all up to us if we’ll utilize it for the better, and help us improve together as a family.