Looking into the Future of Canadian Technology

Last July 1, 2017, Canada had its 150th year of Canada Day celebration. If you haven’t heard of Canada day, it is a statutory holiday that celebrates the anniversary of the enactment of the Constitution Act 1867 in which the three separate colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick merged to form this new British Empire of Canada.

In relation to this celebration, IT World Canada posed a question for the leading leaders of technological companies about what future they see for Canada and what is the role of technology to achieve that future. This article will tackle some of the answers of these bright technological innovators.

Throwing Technology as a Commodity

Executive chair of BlueCat Networks, Michael Hyatt, stated that the technological golden age for Canada is looming over our heads now. Yet, companies overestimate the power that this technology can bring and resort to using such technology as a commodity. No wonder that within a very short time frame, say less than 10 years, most of the industry will be run by technology.

Source: citelighter.com

Artificial Intelligence-Driven Economy

According to the CEO of League, Michael Serbinis, Canada’s economy will soon be led by artificial intelligence. This is still in a very vague position though, especially with the ongoing debate of Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg about the real power and danger of artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, Allan Lau, the CEO and co-founder of Wattpad, states that artificial intelligence will still hang around in Canada’s economy now and in the following years.

Source: medicalfuturist.com

Supportive Canadian Government to Technological Innovations

Canada is considered to be one of the best countries, if not the best, in the whole wide world. With its very supportive government, technological advancements such as quantum computing, regenerative medicine, fintech, STEM education and entrepreneurship will continue to flourish, according to Rejean Bourgault, the managing director of Avaya Canada.

Source: investopedia.com

All-Inclusive Canadian Economy

Because of the promising technological advancements in Canada, Andrea Stairs, the managing director of eBay Canada, envision a Canadian economy wherein every single Canadian will be capable of participating not only in the nationwide economy, but also in the global economy.

Canada as the Inflection Point 

It’s hard not to agree with Mike Silagadze, CEO of TopHat, that Canada has the phenomenal infrastructures, growing investment and talent pool to inspire technological advancements. There is a very bright future for technological success in Canada. If the pioneers take advantage of Canada being an inflection point, then there’s no wonder that this great country will be the pioneering hub for technological advancements.