How To Responsibly Use Social Media

The social media platform has been one of the key products of the ever-growing technology in the field of communication and telecommunications. Many people have been hooked by its promises – a growing interconnectivity of the community, a more vibrant online environment, and an avenue for many people to check out the world.

However, social media platform still has its unintended but expected consequences. While the free world of social media can be enjoyable and fun, it has been used without discretion and even illegally by many people online. The number of harmful activities online has grown unprecedentedly that it can now be ‘weaponized.’ Hence, it can be used as a tool to destroy someone’s reputation both politically and personally.

As responsible online citizens, there are some basic guidelines we should follow to decrease the growing number of irresponsible use of the social media. Here are some:


Leave Yourself Some Space for Privacy

It may be enjoyable to upload a lot of pictures and ‘selfies’ online especially when you are craving for that ‘like’ and ‘share’. However, there should be a limit as to the things that you can share with the digital world. Photos of another person can now be used by the other people in order to serve as a mask while doing illicit activities. They can now identify themselves as another person to shift the legal responsibility for their misdeeds online.

Additionally, sharing private details online may be another bridge to illegal activities in the real world. For instance, criminals might use the credit card or passport number accidentally uploaded by one online user in his or her platform. This can be a very dangerous tool in a way.


Respect Other People’s Privacy and Mental Health

Conversely, users should respect other people’s privacy and ‘space’. They should not be delving into another’s life especially when they are not in any way acquainted with them. They should not be leaving invasive comments to any photos just as they please. By doing so, they might induce mental harm to the other party involved.

Users should also be wary of putting derogatory, defaming or degrading remarks on any of their activities online. This will leave a lasting and permanent impression on their real-world identity when seen by their friends and online acquaintances.


Be Wary of Online Bullying

Finally, social media has become an avenue to blackmail another person or to bully any individual. They can just hide behind fake identities and get away with any legal and social responsibility attached to bullying another person.

Responsible social media users will not add up to this irresponsibility. Just keep in mind that sooner, web developers will be able to create means to expose people who have been committing illicit online activities. Just imagine the impact to the society of having the identities of the online bullies exposed.


While it can be purely enjoyable to be engaged with an online community right from the comfort of your homes, remember that being a socially responsible user will not take too much effort. The change should come from everyone to create a ripple of positive changes in the online world. When this happens, technology can finally be offered us a means to uphold online responsibility and accountability.