How Life Has Changed With Information Technology

IT Defined

We often hear of information technology tremendously affecting our everyday lives – changing our identities, the way we think, and the way we live. But what really is information technology and what are the ways by which it has impacted the world? Many people say that it is something we can’t live without, yet we have lived simply a few decades back – no cell phones, not many computers, and no internet connection except maybe in business or IT-related institutions.



There have been successful businesses and organizations that have thrived without the development of information technology. But truly, it has become something that is indispensable, something of an essence to almost all of us.

Information technology is the use of computers for storing, creating and exchanging different forms of data including photos, conversations, presentations, projects, and business-related information. It was initially utilized for commercial purposes such as in the business sector, but it has now evolved to include even personal and entertainment purposes. Today, big and small scale corporations have been taking advantage of the tools that IT has built and formulated – operating systems, software and hardware, computing and recording equipment, laptops – name it, IT did it.

But as everything goes both ways, IT has impacted our lives positively and negatively. Below are some points that show how information technology has done to change our lives.


The Pros

  1. Communication has never been better and easier. When our loved ones were working out of the country, we would miss them terribly and all we could rely on just to know they were okay were letters and telegrams that would arrive in a month’s time! Now, we don’t only hear their voices whenever we want to, but we see them face-to-face through video conferencing.




In the business sector, there is a convenient flow of information sharing from employees, even from one branch to the other because of computers and the Internet. Clients can be easily accessed through mobile phones or text messages. All of these because of information technology.

  1. Applications for bookkeeping can essentially manage personal and business finances. Hiring a bookkeeper just to organize your finances would no longer be necessary. The Quick Books and the Bookkeeper are two popular software used by businesses worldwide, and they have been using these for years. Even new company owners can take advantage of these powerful tools because they are user-friendly and very structured. 
  1. It has helped improve and enhance education in so many ways. It would be an understatement to say that a large population of students around the world has reaped the benefits of information technology. It has worked both ways for professors and students. IT has shared tremendous knowledge to each one of us and has not only made it easier to access information but also made us wiser by the minute!




The Cons

  1. Communication becomes impersonal. Because of the convenience of calling or texting, people often get used to not talking personally anymore. Additionally, cell phones encourage anti-social people to be comfortable with just being them – antisocial. Thus, learning social skills are not improved. That is why it is important that kids’ use of cell phones should be regulated as they are just developing their social interactions and should be encouraged to learn how to handle face-to-face conversations.


  1. Accounting and business-related jobs are reduced. As technology is updated and improved every year, it eliminates the need for company employees who work to manage and organize the company’s finances. Intelligent software can do that for them.


  1. Risk of hacking and security violations. While the good guys build tools that enable us to gather and store sensitive data on our computers online, the bad guys are looking for ways to breach security and hack our computers to get what they want, such as company accounts. Business is at a higher risk of subsequently losing instead of reaping the benefits of information technology.





In truth, information technology has profoundly affected our lives in so many ways, good and bad. Although we learn everything from health, entertainment, politics, art and a lot more, there is always a downside to doing anything too much. Let us remember that amidst the new ways to live, some of the old ways are also worth keeping.