How Dating Apps Have Changed the Modern Dating Scene

Are you the typical guy in teen flicks who, no matter how hard he tries to get a date, always ends up crawling up to his bedroom because he blew up on asking a girl out? Or are you that girl who constantly stalks her dream guy’s social media profile, but always ends up not approaching him at all? Too bad life isn’t a teen flick, boys and girls. You can’t expect the girl you like suddenly find you funny and cute. Or, the guy you like suddenly becomes attracted to your gazelle-like behavior of being mysterious and hard-to-get.

With modern-day technology, different aspects of people’s lives have been changed, especially dating. Due to the rise of dating apps like Tinder, Grindr and Blued to name a few, dating has been easier and more accessible.


Here are 5 changes how dating apps have impacted the modern-day dating scene.


While There are Many Fish in the Sea, A Dating App is a Whole Ocean

If you’ve been the one who’ve always just held onto the hope of meeting Mr./Mrs. Right someday, the mindset could at least help you get started into the world of digital dating. Dating apps exist to prove that there are indeed, a lot of fish out there. Started in 2012, Tinder has empowered a lot of men and women alike, including those who have never had any dating experience, to step up their game and find a potential partner. Just buckle up though, because it may take a lot of swiping until you find your desired date.


Everyone in the World is More Perfect

Just like your common social media site, Facebook, Tinder allows you to make better versions of yourself through your profile. You can control how other people acquire their first impression of you by fine-tuning your photos and enhancing the way you look. You can also put hobbies in your “About Me” that you are just yet to do, in order to make yourself more interesting.


However, the downside to this is that if you have the power to enhance yourself in the dating realm of Tinder, it means everyone else does as well.  This just basically levels up the playing field. One thing to keep in mind is to try to make a cut above the rest and do your best. Hope to make a ton of matches for making an incredible profile.

It’s Easy to Reject Someone Without Feeling Guilt

Compared to traditional dating, rejecting someone can be tremendously difficult. But for apps like Tinder, you don’t have to feel the guilt of swiping left (rejecting someone), because everyone else does, too. Even to you! You can just sit back, relax, and swipe all day long until you find your match.


Hookups are a Thing…

As modern-day relationships now go, many admit that they don’t seek for long-term relationships. Dating apps actually constitute this reality. For gay dating apps like Grindr, hookups are one of the primary motives of its users. Since its inception in 2009, it has created a culture where conversations are short and instant gratification is sought. If hooking up is not your cup of tea, then you can just swipe left. Easy.


Forever After Can Come After

Contrary to the earlier section, there are actually couples who end up together and later got married. This serves as hope for everyone who thinks that dating apps are for the fast-paced and time-bound relationships. Who said love can’t be found in a hopeless place? “When all hope is lost, go to Tinder.”