Blogging: How It Could Help Transform You

In the age of technology, lots of things have become easily-accessible to a larger target audience than before. Communication is loads easier, as well as common household and daily tasks. One of the biggest and most innovative effects of technology is self-expression through social media. Various platforms online have popped up, some still reigning while others flopped as quick as they rose. With the development of smarter smartphones, mobile applications easily kept up with web platforms.

The Internet has become smarter and more intuitive throughout the years. Aside from basic functions like information-seeking, its uses have evolved as well. One of the new uses of the Internet is blogging.


What is blogging?

There is no single definition that pertains to what “blogging” is. But, it started out as a means of online journaling for other people. But with the rise of trends on the Internet and the increasing number of users who are hooked by the convenience that the Internet offers, more and more joined in on enjoying the benefits of blogs. Businesses, marketing teams, stay-at-home moms, or on-the-go individuals have all found their separate niche on the Web.

Some people might confuse a blog from a website. The main difference is that blogs are regularly updated, often offering new content for its target audience as well as the worldwide Web in general. Anyone can start up a blog, and with the neck-to-neck competition between blogging platforms, there’s always a specific platform that can cater to every aspiring blogger’s needs. Another difference is reader engagement. One of the perks of managing your own blog is being able to communicate and interact with your blog followers and readers. Also, depending on your blog’s focus and the demographics, your audience could reach up to a global scale!


What should I blog about?

As mentioned earlier, the first blogs were like online journals for individuals. Nowadays, blogs are not just for individual people and their daily lives anymore. Businesses have taken advantage of different forms of social media to further promote their brand. In addition, creatives often build their portfolio alongside their blogs.


Different kinds of people have varying types of blogs, with diverse audiences. The common link between all of these bloggers is that they write about what they know. If you want to start a blog but you have no idea where to start or what you should blog about, start with the things you know. This is why the first blogs were like “online journals”–because those early bloggers wrote about what they knew the most: their personal experiences. From there, try branching out into things that you do not understand yet. Research well and try out new things for you to enjoy. Then, share your experience and learnings to your blog readers.

How will blogging help me improve myself?

Lots of people have recommended journaling as a healing activity, a way to decompress at the end of a stressful day or a hectic week. In a way, blogging does the same–but with added bonuses. First, since blogs allow reader engagement, you can get feedback from your readers about the content you’ve posted. Not all bloggers choose to write about their personal lives. Even so, your blog readers can be a good source of social interaction especially if done positively. Another bonus is the reach of online platforms. Depending on the content you post, you can potentially help a lot of people who could come across your blog.  With the ease of sharing information on social media, your basic reach could also be amplified by a strategic share on Facebook or Twitter.