Awesome Sites Your Kids Can Check Out




Children today are so much ahead of their time. Before you even teach them how to text, they tell you it’s better to do video calls through Messenger. You want to guide them into learning the basics of downloading and they show you how to stream movies! And what’s daunting is the fact that they are able to open up sites in the computer that are in no way appropriate for their age.


With the alarming outcomes of several studies showing that more than 20% of kids today open their favorite sites 10 times daily, parents should be vigilant in supervising their kids with what to watch and use on social media. Children should be taught and encouraged to open sites that are not only safe but also educational and age-appropriate. Here are some wholesome, safe and interesting social media resources and apps that you can introduce to your children.




  1. Disney Mix. This chat application gives your kids not only a friendly and safe site to communicate with you and their friends, but it also provides them a choice of wonderful games that they can play. Here, they can create memes and share stickers online. Disney Mix got its foundation from Club Penguin, a trending application which was also created by the Disney Company.


  1. You may join this site free for a year if you have purchased a Lil’Kinz or a Webkinz toy. Kids play dress-up on their online pets and they also play video games by themselves or against kids who are also members of Webkinz. Virtual cash is won depending on the number of times the participant goes online, so parents should perhaps impose schedules for their kids for when they can log in.


  1. Children between 8 and 15 can join this site for free. Like Webkinz, they can play with and against other kids online but this is more enjoyable for them because they earn virtual money to create their own avatar to represent their character. This is a more educational site and children are allowed to chat only after they have passed a licensing exam, which was created to ensure online safety.


  1. KidMix. Created especially for kids 8 and above, KidMix is a social media application that can be compared to Facebook. Kids can send messages and post photos and videos. They can also create groups and do other kid-related activities that they can only access when their parents allow them to. Meaning, parents can see what their kids are actually doing, and they can allow or decline activities that their kids do on the site.


  1. iTwixie. If you have girls, you’ll want to encourage them to download this safe and special site just for them. Here, your girls can exchange messages and virtual friendship bands with fellow iTwixie girls. The site offers engaging activities that promote positivity and self-confidence.


Knowing Your Kids and Guiding Them is Essential




You don’t really need to stalk your kids and their online activities, but it is important that you know what their interests are. If they are engaged in activities that are safe and age-appropriate, then encourage them and let them know that you’re fine with the sites they’re getting into. If not, then ground rules should be implemented. Social media can be a very helpful avenue for learning, but it can also sway your children to know more than they ought to.


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