5 Signs That You Need To De-Stress And Unplug From Social Media

So many people have given in to the pull of social media already, to the point that a non-user of online networking sites can undoubtedly feel out of place when someone talks about taking selfies for Instagram, using hashtags, or going live on Facebook. It may become more uncomfortable to be around them when they speak of the latest memes or clips that only get shared on their newsfeeds but not on your e-mail. Once you ask what those things are, they might look at you with disbelief written on their faces.

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Nonetheless, between you and your techy loved ones whose days cannot pass without stalking their friends or favorite celebrities on the internet, who has a lower chance of getting stressed?

Well, that is you, of course! You don’t wake up too early to get your makeup done so that you can go back to bed and post an I-woke-up-like-this photo. You don’t live to see the comments of people. You need not worry about how your face and body register on the pictures because you’re hardly bothered by what others think of you.

Considering you know folks who do the exact opposite of that, you should try to pull them away from social media for a while. Here are the signs you should look into:

1. Their Work Performance Suffers

The first signal that a person has to detach himself or herself from social networking websites is the poor performance at work. Instead of finishing their tasks on time, they stay hunched over the smartphone for hours, browsing through Instagram or Facebook. During important meetings, they cannot focus once a message notification rings.

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2. They Have Become Self-Centered

Social media addicts seem to return to early childhood, in the sense that they begin to use the words “me” and “mine” than most adults. Whatever takes place, it matters for them to be on top of everything. It is a challenge to one-up these folks since they already love themselves too much.

3. They Are Often Mentally Absent

The persons who see Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook as the center of their universe usually meet up with friends or family members to have something new to post online. They are physically in the gathering, yet you might notice that their concentration is more on taking photos of the food or the location and typing nonstop on their phone than on catching up with all of you.

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4. They Get Depressed Over Likes Or Shares

It is already alarming if your loved one adds or follows back practically everyone to increase their social media presence. What can top such an indication, though, is the depression that the individual may deal with once his or her posts do not get as many likes or shares as they expect.

5. Their Private Life Is Now Common Knowledge

Lastly, you can tell that someone needs a break from Facebook or Instagram when the person starts ranting virtually and dropping the names of the folks involved. Even a stranger who happens to follow their page on the internet will know what’s going on in their private life, and that is not good.

In Conclusion

People addicted to social media cannot always see what’s wrong with their ways. They think that it’s typical for everyone to check in on their accounts when they change locations or update online friends about what they are eating or doing. However, being the saner individual in this context, you should not let their habits continue and help them de-stress and unplug from social media.

Good luck!