10 Great Apps To Have If You Want To Start Right In 2018

2018 is just around the corner! Here comes new goals, new resolutions, and most of all, new apps! Here are ten great apps to keep you updated on what’s to come this 2018.

  1.       Swiipe News

Here is a brand-new Tinder! But your date? News!

This app lets you read and browse news articles from 250 trusted news sources around the world. If you don’t like the story, just swipe it and give a new story take its place.

Source: mashable.com

  1.       Datally

Have you had those moments when you think you’re not using too much data until you receive the bill? Well, Datally is here to the rescue!

This Google app lets you monitor, save, and manage your data usage. One of its handy features, the Data Saver feature, reduces your mobile data usage by 30 percent! How awesome is that?


  1.       Habit Minder

Are you always stressed and on the go? Then, Habit Minder is the one for you!

This app helps you accomplish goals and reminds you to do important tasks, like drinking water or breathing deeply. Achieving those New Year resolutions becomes comfortable with this app!

Source: habitminder.com

  1.       Sprinkles

Do you love taking pictures and Instagram? Then you’re going to love this!

Sprinkles app is a camera tool that comes up with the perfect caption for your photo. It can also apply masks and filters to your photos!


  1.       Clips

You don’t need those fancy video editing software when you have Clips!

Clips is an Apple-owned app that lets you create short videos with special effects, text, graphics and more! Clips also makes sharing easy by matching the individuals in the video to your address book. No need to manually type names anymore!

Source: redmondpie.com

  1.       RescueTime

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend using social media? RescueTime has the answer!

This app tracks the time you spent on your apps and gives you a detailed report of your activities. RescueTime is a great app to pair with Datally if you need to track the usage of your phone.


  1.       My Fitness Pal

Do you ever wish to go on a diet, but never got around to do it? My Fitness Pal will be your coach!

This app has a database of restaurants, fast foods, and grocery store items with the corresponding calories. It also has an exercise planner and water tracker, so you can keep track of your fitness goals and still be hydrated.

Source: myfitnesspal.com

  1.       Shopping List Ease

Never forget to buy your groceries with Shopping List Ease!

This app stores your shopping list, delicious and healthy recipes, and the items in your pantry in its memory. Shopping will never be stressful with this app on your phone!


  1.       Trip It

Trip It is a must-have for all those who love traveling!

This app lets you keep track of your travel itineraries, airline ticket bookings, hotel reservations and more! It can even track your taxi or Uber driver and let you know when they’re right on your doorstep.  

Source: tripit.com

  1.   QuickBooks

Be your personal accountant with QuickBooks!

This app lets you manage your bills, track your incomes and expenses, and maximize your tax deductions! What’s more, this app can give you access to capital if you’re looking to start your very own business!